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Buchanan's Grade Distribution

Students are naturally curious about the grades earned by previous students of mine. Rather than leaving them to find a potentially biased sample on their own, I have provided some summary charts of the grades my students have earned over the past five years. As you study these charts, keep the following information in mind:

Histogram Pie chart

The overall mean QPA for students in my classes during this five-year window is 2.05 with a standard deviation of 1.14. The population size is 1079 student equivalents.

If you are interested in the historical trend of grades in my classes aggregated by semester or seasonal session, please see the illustration below. This is a plot of semester or session means surrounded by their 95 percent confidence intervals for my teaching career at MU. As above I have removed W or I grades, but have included summer and winter sessions, individualized instruction experiences, and graduate courses.

Historical trend in grades

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