Numerical Analysis
Fall 2003
MATH 375.01 (3 credits), Tu_Th, 9:30AM-10:45AM, Wickersham 109


Grades of C- or better in each of MATH 261 (Calculus III), MATH 242 (Linear Algebra), and CSCI 161 (Introduction to Computing I) are the prerequisites for this course.


Dr. Buchanan
Office: Wickersham 218, Phone: 872-3659, FAX: 871-2320
Office Hours: 9:00AM-9:50AM (M_W_F), 9:00AM-9:30AM (Tu_Th), or by appointment


Numerical Analysis, 7th edition, Richard L. Burden and J. Douglas Faires, Brooks/Cole Publishing Company, Pacific Grove, California 2001, ISBN: 0-534-38216-9.


MATH 375 is intended to be an introduction to modern approximation techniques. Development of algorithms, their precise mathematical analysis, and an analysis of their errors will be emphasized. As often as possible ``real world'' problems will be introduced and discussed.

Course Contents:

If time permits, other topics may be covered as well.


Students are expected to attend all class meetings. If you must be absent from class you are expected to complete class requirements (tests and/or homework assignments) prior to the absence. Students who miss a test should provide a valid excuse, otherwise you will not be allowed to make up the test. Tests should be made up within one week of their scheduled date. No final exam exemptions.


Homework assignments will consist of a mixture of pencil and paper written assignments and programming assignments. Programming assignments must be submitted electronically through email. Students are expected to do their homework and participate in class. Students should submit all homework by the date due. Late homework will not be accepted without valid excuse. Discussion and collaboration between students on homework assignments is encouraged, but homework submitted for grading should be written up separately.


A test will be given after completing the material from each of Chapters 2, 4, and 8. The final exam (Wednesday, December 10, 2003 2:45PM-4:45PM) will be comprehensive.


Course grade will be calculated as follows.

Tests 45%
Homework 35%
Exam 20%

I keep a record of students' test, homework, and exam scores. Students should also keep a record of graded assignments, tests, and other materials. The course letter grades will be calculated as follows.

90-92 A$-$ 93-100 A    
80-82 B$-$ 83-86 B 87-89 B$+$
70-72 C$-$ 73-76 C 77-79 C$+$
60-62 D$-$ 63-66 D 67-69 D$+$
    0-59 F    

Inclement Weather Policy:

If we should miss a class day due to a school closing because of weather, any activities planned for that missed day will take place the next time the class meets. For example, if a test is scheduled for a day that class is canceled on account of snow, the test will be given the next time the class meets.

Final Word:

Math is not a spectator sport. What you learn from this course and your final grade depend mainly on the amount of work you put forth. Daily contact with the material through homework assignments and review of notes taken during lectures is extremely important.

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